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Used Blast Freezers. Explosion Proof Refrigerator.

Used Blast Freezers

used blast freezers

    blast freezers
  • (Blast freezer) Low-temperature evaporator which uses a fan to force air rapidly over the evaporator surface.

  • (Blast Freezer) Prepares gelato for the display case in less than 20 minutes.

Rhubarb and Custard Jam

Rhubarb and Custard Jam

Home produced jam tastes so much better than the stuff you buy in the shops. The reason; It has a much higher percentage of fruit, even the brand name jams sometimes contain only 20% fruit! This stuff is 50% fruit, not only that, we also know exactly what went into it and no nasty chemicals were used on the Rhubarb either.

Rhubarb grows like mad once it's established and the more you pull it up, the better it grows, so if you have some in your garden and you don't like rhubarb crumble, give the following recipe a go:

Makes four Jars (with a little extra for quality control):


Jam kettle or large stock pot. (A saucepan is not big enough and too dangerous when full of boiling sugar.)
Wooden Spoon
Ladle or measuring jug
Lemon rinder (or grater)
Clock or kitchen timer
Four empty Jam Jars with Lids
A small plate in the freezer.


1.2 KG Rhubarb (pick the youngest reddest stalks)
1.2 KG Raw Cane Sugar
One 15g packet of Pectin
One Fresh Lemon
One Vanilla Pod


Put your plate in the freezer - you will need it to be cold when you test the jam later.

Sterilise your Jam jars and lids with boiling water.

Rinse any dirt, ant poo and slug dribble off the Rhubarb and slice it into small bits about 5 - 10mm wide. Cut from the red end first and stop when the stalk is mostly green. Green rhubarb won't affect the flavour, but it will make the end product look brown if you put too much in, so aim to only use the reddest parts of the stalks.

When you have cut and weighed 1.2KG of Rhubarb, put it in your stock pot or Jam Kettle and pour in the sugar.

Use the lemon rinder or grater to get nice chunky strips of rind from the entire outside of the lemon, then cut it in half. Put the lemon rind in the stock pot and squeeze in the juice (Stick a fork in the lemon halves to make this easier, but don't stab yourself in the hand) Don't worry if any Lemon pips drop in, they help the jam set and you can scoop them out at the end.

Mix this all up and leave it covered for an hour or so. The sugar and lemon draw the juice out of the Rhubarb.

WARNING: The next step involves very hot, very dangerous liquids. DO NOT attempt to cook the jam without an adult to help and supervise you. Use common sense.

WARNING: Do not cover the pot while the jam is boiling, it will boil over, make a horrid mess and may catch fire.

Ok this is the exciting part: Put the pot over your largest hob ring and put it on full blast, You want to bring the jam to a boil as quickly as possible.

Don't forget to add the pectin powder at this point either (I advise seiving it if it has gone hard to avoid lumps)

The sugar will melt in the Rhubarb Syrup and it will start to boil at the edges first. Stir it gently with your wooden spoon so it heats evenly. When it is bubbling all over and your stirring wont stop the bubbles, this is called a rolling boil - Start your timer NOW!

A frothy scum will form on the top of the boiling mixture, you can scrape this off if you like, but I just keep stiring it in. Some recipes say you can add a little butter to prevent this, but the jam won't keep for as long if you do. The froth does not affect the flavour at all, you just dont want in the top of the jars at the end.

After the jam has been on a rolling boil for 10 minutes turn the heat right down to the lowest setting and get your plate out of the freezer. Put a little drop of the jam on it and see if it sets - push it with your finger and it should wrinkle up. This is your first opportuntity to taste your jam too - Only taste it when it has been on the plate for a while - the stuff on the spoon and in the pot will still be dangerously hot!

Slice the vanilla pod along its length to open it up and put it in the simmering Jam. Stir it around for a few minutes so the flavour and seeds come out (the seeds are edible).

That's it, it's done, all you have to do now is carefully ladle it into your jars - I use a measuring jug to do this because it's easier to pour (Thanks for the tip Stella!). Leave a little space at the top - don't fill to the brim!

Carefully fit the lids on the Jars - remember: the jam is still hot, so the jars will be too - use a tea towel to hold the jar as you tighten the lid. If the lids have the safety seals, they will ping into position later when the Jam and air cools and contracts.

That's it, now you just need to make some labels!

Enjoy the Jam and please, leave me a comment if you make it.

Lightner Museum Saint Augustine, Fl

Lightner Museum Saint Augustine, Fl

The Lightner Museum used to be a Hotel and includes one of the first and largest underground/indoor pools that was used for years by the guest (spring fed I believe..thought to have recuperative qualities), but is now cemented over and used for a gallery. It also has a nice little restaurant in the basement and is a very cool (as in not hot) place to hide out in the hot summer months when walking around. In the Spanish Renaissance style and a companion to Flagler College (formerly a hotel) and the Casa Monica Hotel next door. Built by Henry Flagler, the railroad baron, to accommodate high rolling guests, before Florida had been completely modernized to the south. Still in Christmas lighting, which I wish they would keep all year round.

Note to America (An Angelic Prospectus) {James Watkins}

He’s listened to you long enough,
Let you have your say-
Hunkered down in dreary towns,
Free-falling in the fray.

Some things don’t matter any more-
It’s plain enough to see,
Some things are very simple,
They happen….naturally.

Independence indigence,
Spiritual insanity,
Delusion on the throne.

Continental congress,
Covenant complete-
Freedom found
From captive crown,
Taxation by defeat.

Won in war by warrior
Bowed behind the scene,
Governmental grannies
Gassed and running lean.

Sequential celebration
Leaning to the right,
Took the town
To middle ground
Then sweetened up the fight.

Promise within promises,
Permanence in peace,
Stolen blind
By kindred minds
In national retreat.

God is gone,
Like Gustov’s ghost
On graduated ground-
Ridden rampant on a rail,
Run right out of town.

Religion’s rotting refuse,
Educated zeal,
Baby and bathwater,
Thrown out
By window seal.

Agreement by convenience,
The triad is complete-
The church, the crown,
The golden ground,
Professionals at least.

Garish, gloating, gatherings,
Temperamental tasks-
Tarnished targets
Tempting time with
Brutal baby blasts.

Fallen fronts,
Forensic flash,
Fine and faker fast-
Foul and festering
Filthy freight,
Fleeing from the past.

Happy hoppy horn toad,
Captain of the world-
No feral fear,
Calm crystal queer-
Call every boy and girl.

Mother’s mayhem
Adam’s aunt,
Gone completely mad-
Tricked-up trousers
Tenderized a tad.

Evening ever-afters,
Happy once again-
Haunted house,
Forget the mouse,
The men are dead.

Lovely Lucys laughing,
Controlling interest lair,
The lion is dead,
So go to bed-
Don’t bother with the bear.

Fashion fledgling,
Faded farce,
Fractured flaky foe-
Disneyed duckling
Drawn and daft,
Domesticated woe.

Fricasseed and
Freezer freed,
Stolen by the mole-
The gourmet ran
Grimly to the goal.

Down and distance
Don’t do the
Dirty Dan.
Playmate pawns
Now petrified,
Passed on by
Peter Pan.

Wicked wonders-
Empty and petite-
Cover blown,
Refused by phone-
Destined for defeat.

Sayonara Sonya-
Cronkite caught a cold-
While Willy Wonka
Whacked a weed,
Then headed down
The road.

Christ like crucifixions,
Criminal and crass,
Crippled captains
Carcassed cold,
Middle-eastern mass.

Choose to tremble,
Choose to cheat,
Choose whom you will serve-
Choose to conquer,
Or..Choose defeat-
The quintessential blurb.

Honing hackers
Headed home,
Hackensackin fools,
Round and round
To tumble down-
With detrimental tools.

Hemispheric hovering-
Contract incomplete-
Pioneered truth
By blazered brute,
Confused by
Quiet elite.

It’s given best,
To those who rest,
In reverential form.
With wealth well cast
To traveler who’s sheltered
From the storm.

Retreat is not an option-
At long last life is spent-
Though living in
And impact zone
Is hardly worth the rent.

Revolution ready-
Armed and graveled green-
No average addled army,
To slay this brazen queen.

Unseen worded Warrior-
Wondrous to behold-
Breastplate bronzed
And burnished-
Countenance so bold.

Dispatched in dog-ged duty,
Determined and complete-
To fight with fire and fury,
Till victory’s at his feet!

James Watkins 10-05

used blast freezers

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