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Freezer door replacement. 6 bottle wine fridge black

Freezer Door Replacement

freezer door replacement

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  • deep-freeze: electric refrigerator (trade name Deepfreeze) in which food is frozen and stored for long periods of time

  • A device for making frozen desserts such as ice cream or sherbet

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Monique 65/365

Monique 65/365

Yesterday was grocery day, only half-jokingly known around my house as
“Yes, people on food stamps CAN eat healthy & well” day J. I caught my
neighbor kicking back while I went for the camera—this is the produce half
of Farm to Market store, which specializes in locally-grown food. The meat
section is actually in the building next door, opening up space for a bakery
and a dairy case as well as eliminating cross-contamination worries right
off the bat, a setup I personally find delightful. The only reason it cost
me $25 to walk out of there with 4 bags stuffed full of produce was that one
bag included 5 pounds of blood oranges (not local, but 20 cents a pound less
than the El Cheapo chain grocer down the road, and riper than their
competition carries to boot). A bag of meat that must have weighed 15+
pounds was $50, including ground bison (local!) as well as inch-thick pork
chops, sirloin steaks, and big fat locally-made bratwursts full of meat
raised in the eastern half of the state. As an added bonus, since you **can
** buy live cooking herbs with food stamps, today I get to re-pot the
4-inch-tall rosemary start I picked up. All I need to do now is nurture my
basil, talk the neighbor (whose apartment has southern exposure) into
putting a few tomato plants on his patio, and find out how to grow oregano
and OMG just think of the spaghetti sauce! I’ll miss the dollar store that
went out of business not long after someone drove a car through their front
window, but I’m thrilled to bits to have this as a replacement. For the $75
I spent I’ve got 2 weeks’ worth of ingredients for just my house, plus a
couple of great options for inviting that neighbor over to dinner the way we
like to do from time to time…there are 3 of those HUGE pork chops in the
freezer J. Places like this make me deeply glad I love to cook.

Affinium LED freezer modules 300

Affinium LED freezer modules 300

Affinium LED freezer modules for replacement of traditional tubular fluorescent lamps in full-height glass-door freezer cabinets. Up to 70% energy savings, better light quality and low maintenance. The best solution to save energy for supermarkets.

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freezer door replacement

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